Snorkel at Cheeca Rocks

One of our favorite patch reefs only one mile off the coastline and so close to the surface of the water, no diving needed!. You will find a large variety of fish cruising around the reef and may even see some sea turtles in their natural habitat!

Chill out at Alligator Reef Lighthouse

Few places rival the beautiful water that surrounds the famous lighthouse. The white sandy bottom and bright aqua water is something truly special and will not soon be forgotten. Named after the boat that ran aground here in 1822, this is surely a spot that you and friends will want to check out.

Lounge at the Whale Harbor Sand Bar

If you'd like to toss around a football, have a nice picnic, or catch some rays on the water, this sand bar is the place to be. Located in central Islamorada.

Service Area

Mile Marker 74 to Mile Marker 106


It's what the Keys are known for, with so many species in such a small area, its every fisherman's dream come true. From offshore Sailfish & Mahi to inshore Hogfish on the patch reefs, let our boat take you to that spot you've been itching to get out to.